Anchovy Classic Bait Heads

With the development of the Ultra-Violet (UV) BLUE VIOLET JELLYFISH effect in our bait head rigs, Trinidad tackle has changed how anglers use whole bait while trolling the waters of the Pacific and freshwater lakes. Research has shown that the eyes of the Pacific Salmon contain a number of nerve cells that are sensitive to Blue and Green. Research has also shown that ultra-violet light is able to penetrate to depths of 700 feet. Our bait head rigs work best at daybreak and during low light conditions.

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Trinidad Dodger

Trinidad Tackle 9″ Stainless Steel Dodger has a slim profile that produces a wide swinging action with low drag. Trinidad tackle Dodgers have been specially designed to lure in big fish and are deadly on salmon, trout, walleye, and Lakers/Mackinaw. Trinidad Tackle Dodgers produce both flash and vibrations that are known to excite feeding fish. The rotation of the Dodger imparts a darting action to the lure causing a sonic pulsation, while the metallic reflective film adds an attraction by light.

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Old Skipper Jointed Lures

These sensational fish-getters are perfectly balanced and life-like, with an enticing “live bait” action that is unparalleled. These are some of the most effective lures ever designed, for Large-mouth Bass, Lakers/Mackinaw, Stripers and more.  AMERICAN made for World Class Anglers! Each 7″ bait comes with three 1/0 hooks and weighs in at 1.25 oz. This Lure even is hand painted!

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Trinidad Big Boy Bullet

BIG BOY BULLET will flash even in the dark murky water, where the ultraviolet (UV), but not visible light penetrates. Research continues to show that fish see and are attracted to UV light.  REMEMBER once you drop a Trinidad Tackle BIG BOY BULLET overboard, you had better hold on.  Now it’s going to be a matter who is stronger and who has the most will to win: you or the fish. Trinidad Tackle BIG BOY BULLET  comes in 12 oz & 16 oz.  It comes in your choice of White, Chartreuse or Purple: each with a deadly 12/0 Shark Hook.

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Trinidad Goony Bird

Trinidad Tackle’s GOONY BIRD is in a class all its own. We designed the Goony Bird with two types of fishing in mind. First to be used as a drop Jig for Halibut & Lingcod;  second used as a Trolling Lure for Tuna.  The GOONY BIRD comes in a 4 oz & 10 oz with both being built to last.  They have been triple coated and cured with super glow paint. Their 3-D holographic eyes, doubled hooked set, with 10/0 hooks are held on by 500 lb Kevlar assist cord.

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Trinidad Heart Attack

Trinidad Tackle’s Heart Attack is a handmade Topwater lure made of Cedar, we have placed a wire from front to back in the center of the plug to attach the 2/0 & 3/0 VMC hooks to. We custom paint each lure then apply a top coat of Epoxy with an overall length of 6″. The mass of the Trinidad Tackle Heart Attack causes it to move a tremendous amount of water which makes a sound that drives Big Fish Crazy. Big Stripers love the Heart Attack. AMERICAN made for World Class Anglers!

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Trinidad Bow Busters

Bow Busters was established in Western New York in 1990 and have been around for 26 yrs.  The medium Steel-head egg clusters come in 12 /pack.  This artificial bait comes scented with Anise in the Chartreuse Eggs and is Unscented in the Salmon colored eggs.  These baits are now handmade in our own facility in Northern California and our scent infusing process really sets these baits apart from any other bait products on the market allowing you the best, most effective, ease of use, mess free and available baits around.  A perfect alternative to natural Roe.

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Trinidad Pro Casting Spinners

Trinidad Tackle Pro Casting Spinners are a quality in-line spinner. They are made right to spin right!  Each spinner is Precision Balanced, so there is no need to jerk the rod to make it spin.  Because Trinidad Tackle Precision Balances each spinner, they can be Slow-Rolled!
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