Junior Optimizer Trolling Spoon - 3122

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Green/Chartreuse/Green w/ Green on Chartreuse Dots
Silver Back

 This lure has limits that have not been reached! It is a proven fact that speed works and that a wider range will work even better. Don't settle for less. WE DIDN'T!!!

The JUNIOR OPTIMIZER comes in one size

#1 Spoon = 2 1/4"

Why more speed?

You have probably heard from a number of different sources by now that increased speed has something to do with catching fish. Well, that simple statement may be more significant than anything you have ever tried... if it is done right! That's right... more speed can be wrong!

If the lure is spinning and moving too fast and simply not looking like anything but a fast moving, unnatural object, you probably will hurt your chances of catching anything at all. There are times when even "wrong" will excite some fish... but not often. How many times have you trolled for a very long time, with no action, only to check your rigs and find that they are tangled and spinning unnaturally? It is important that any lure act properly, regardless of speed. The solution to speed is not to add a large enough hook to remove some of the natural action of a lure just to be able to pull it faster without spinning. The most important feature of proper presentation performance is often overlooked. The OPTIMIZER was designed to run properly with better action at higher speeds. That's right, better action at higher speeds! Just check the following tips and judge for yourself. Will your current lures perform the same way? If not, perhaps you need to TRY the OPTIMIZER experience:

  • If an OPTIMIZER rises out of the water, when attached to your line and held alongside the boat, just under the surface with about a five foot lead, increase your speed. An OPTIMIZER, that is trolled too slow, will hydroplane and come to the surface! At the point that an OPTIMIZER begins to stay under the surface, you will have reached the proper lower end of the speed range.

  • King Salmon h ave a cruising speed of 16 mph. A high speed search with speeds in excess of four miles per hour will allow you to cover more territory to find these elusive fish. Once they are found, returning to the active schools can be accomplished sooner and therefore more often with higher speeds.

  • When encountering small scattered schools of staging fish, try running your patterns with leads no longer than five feet and make quick turns on these schools doing figure eights back and forth over them. Rapid repetitive presentations will sometimes cause strikes, when nothing else will.

  • Changing speeds in the higher speed ranges has no dramatic impact on the action of an OPTIMIZER. This feature will also result in an incredible difference on rough water days with a surging boat. The performance at theee times is truly hard to believe. The design is perfectly suited to action caused by constantly changing speeds while still maintaining proper presentation performance.

  • The OPTIMIZER will experience excellent results with the changing speeds on turns, rising seductively upwards on the inside of the run and maintaining faster but realistic action on the outside.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review